Habitus Posture

Habitus Posture is a new, innovative Health Management system for seated employees.  It is a smart wearable sensor paired with a mobile app and corporate dashboard for data analytics. The sensor corrects posture and promotes movement, reducing neck and back pain in real time.

The valuable data gathered allows the employer to implement actionable change to improve employee health. We can push appropriate exercises to the employee via the app to encourage movement and negate the effects of sitting and poor posture. Our data is new, insightful, anonymised and aggregated.

Our data promotes illness prevention, can improve productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and is an accountable way to show employees that employers really care for their health.

The principal product features include:

  1. Clinician-led development using trusted partners with expertise in Sensor Technology (Tyndall Institute),

  2. Patented smart wearable sensor technology,

  3. A medical-grade adhesive attaches the sensor to the body,

  4. Subtle, silent haptic alert reminder system,

  5. Battery-powered and USB charged,

  6. Bluetooth connectivity to iOS and Android,

  7. The app gathers, organizes, and displays valuable health data through a seamless user experience,

  8. Non-intrusive real-time correction of posture without interrupting workflow,

  9. Exercise platform in video format to negate the effects of poor posture and lack of movement,

  10. Provides anonymized and aggregated data to the employer via the employer's Dashboard,

  11. Designed for wide-scale adoption and use - no limitations on user groups,

  12. Ability to integrate into existing business platforms.

“Our data analytics allows for organisational change with pinpoint accuracy”.


Habitus Posture data provides new insights into workplace health and wellness, metrics that can deliver business-critical information that may have significant impact on an organisations performance. Habitus gathers valuable ‘on-duty’ employee health data in an anonymised and aggregated format to allow companies to build a health data infrastructure that drives actionable change in employee health. The employer can implement improved healthcare and services for the entire workforce and this data also allows for individual employee health improvements by using their own private real-time data to make actionable changes.

“We are preventing workplace injury by predicting the injury and those most at risk”.

With Habitus Posture data the employer can detect anomalies, make predictions and identify improvement opportunities with pinpoint accuracy across their organisations - for both onsite and Work from Home employees.

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Alcass Health Solutions, with ethical oversight from UCC Department of Psychology conducted an independent Pilot Study with a large government agency in Cork, Ireland. There were over 70 participants wearing the Habitus Posture Sensor every work day, recording data on their personalised mobile App.

As a completely independent study, the findings have been accepted after blinded peer review by the scientific committee to the ‘17th Annual Psychology, Health & Medicine Conference 2020’

We are delighted to share the Book of Abstracts and the Conference Proceedings Book here (reference page 51 of the report.)

The proven results are summarised as follows:

  • Decreased neck & back pain

  • Increased productivity scores

  • Increase in the number of healthy work days

  • Significant improvement in sleep quality

  • Increased ownership of personal health and reduced reliance on workplace ergonomics

  • Adoption of wearing the sensor on the skin was high and maintained


Ref: Dr Carol Linehan, Dr Samantha Dockray, Ms Danielle Murphy, Ms Eadaoin Whelan, School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork

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